A modern company with an ancient history.

Fama Group was born in 2011 with the purpose of grouping under a single brand Turin companies and professional excellences in the field of craft customised furniture.

We put together the artisan and professional qualities that made the made in Italy what is now in the world.

For this reason we chose the name Fama.

Fama as glory and success.

The success to give due importance to those excellences who might otherwise be lost in the limbo of globalisation and the crisis and to be able to accompany handicraft in a more technological world becoming the vanguard rather than the past.

For this reason a professional team was born, united to give a comprehensive and professional service available to the needs of companies, architects, professionals and individuals.

The company's core business has always been custom furniture.

The two main companies in the group are historic Mazza Carpentry and Falbo Furniture both on the market for 50 years and handed down from generation to generation, from fathers to sons.

The company is the evolution of the Mazza Carpentry.

Founded by Giuseppe Mazza in 1952 and passed down to his son Giovanni Mazza it is today in the hands of the third generation, his sons Mauro and Davide Mazza.

The company was founded thanks to the idea of Mauro Mazza, current Managing Director of the company.

In 2010 at the height of the global economic (especially Italian) crisis, in contrast with the economic trends which would suggest a strategy of involution, he perceived in the crisis an opportunity and expanded the staff of Mazza Carpentry with the inclusion of Dr Cervi and architect Mario Covino.

The new professionals, added to a featured web visibility brought Fama Group a sudden professional and economical positive jump.

Dr. Marco Cervi, a graduate in economy at the University of Turin, has been dealing with the business side of productions since 1987. In 2010 he left a reality stale and inconsistent with the crisis surrounding the market and met professionally Mazza Carpentry. In a few months the large supply of customers, matched to the renewed corporate enthusiasm of Mauro Mazza, produced an exponential revenue revolution. Not only in terms of numbers but especially of importance of new customers.

Arch. Mario Covino, graduated at Politecnico of Turin, took its first steps in the world of design on behalf of a well known firm of Turin, where he combined his experience as designer to engineering of productions of various kinds. Since 2010, through the collaboration with Mazza Carpentry, he has given his contribution to the birth of Fama Group s.r.l.

In January 2015 Fama started melting with Falbo Furniture moving to the new facility in Rivalta di Torino a wide structure equipped with machineries with sophisticated production technology, suitable to handle the requests of important national and international customers.

Since the merger with the Falbo Furniture entered the Group the founder Vincenzo Falbo and his children, Luca (a quantity surveyor) and Cristina Falbo.

The history of Falbo Furniture is the one of a company which based its entire activity on the excellence and the quality of the final product with major investments in technology and structure.

Thanks to the meticulous care of the geometer Luca Falbo, to advanced machinery and an important structure Fama Group makes another leap forward by adding to products and services an unmatched quality.

The expansion of the company implies that the new professions are operating not only in the furniture industry but also in construction and contract.

Thanks to the skills of architect Mario Covino of Surveyor Luca Falbo and site contributor Massimo Cialdella Fama Group has expanded its operation also dedicating to restructuring and Contract.

Since September 2015 architect Lorenzo Bertolotto has joined the Group, a graduated in architecture at Cooper Union University in New york, as an internal contact person for foreign countries.

With his help Fama Group is able to offer an efficient and straightforward service to foreign customers.

The goal of Fama Group is to continue with the company's expansion strategy with an ongoing quest for professional excellence in order to provide more and more a 360° service. That is, a single point of contact to coordinate the work of all the figures participating in the project to simplify and streamline the customer's commitment.

Furniture is increasingly tied to construction processes like plaster boards, decorations, plants, glass, steel, food equipment that often overlap creating slowdowns, disharmony and dilation in time and costs no longer compatible with current market requirements.

Fama Group was born with this thought of broader collaboration.

To accomplish this we have had the luck and the ability to select high level suppliers and employees; among these, special thanks to Casamac for the web management and to Studio Vitale for business strategies.

Thanks to those who had patience to read our story.

Mauro Mazza